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"Finally found the great item thanks coolizz, the scratch protectors are a game-changer for my furniture, and my cat can't get enough of the comfy bed. Definitely coming back for more!" - Michelle S*

Catnip Ball

Catnip Ball

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Catnip Ball made from natural catnip plants, used to attract cats' attention and encourage them to play.


This catnip ball has thick sticker in the bottom, can be firmly stick on everywhere, such as wall, chair foot, floor, and etc, then it can prevent loss.

(Tips: For easy removing, we recommend that put a piece of scotch tape on the wall first, and then stick the catnip ball on the scotch tape.)


To prevent dust pollution, covered with a lid after using.


Catnip could attract cat's attention and your little friend will enjoy it.

  • Size : The catnip ball diameter is 1.5”(3.8cm)
  • The main ingredients: Catnip, Gall fruit powder, Actinidia polygama, Glutinous rice.



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